Incredible HBOOT Files

HBOOT files will replace the Bootloader or HBOOT on your device. Your SD card must be formatted to FAT32. These files are flashed in HBOOT and must be renamed to

.77          MD5: e0f1046bf5d58f43f585d9a4761b004c

.79          MD5: 500564ba41278de94c405b4970095a5f

.92          MD5: 6b665d591d8a02d3165c0f0a67e521d0

NOTE: When you upgrade HBOOT, your old Nandroid backups will not work any longer.

The .92 HBOOT works for both the AMOLED and SLCD screen Incredible. If you have an SLCD do not use the .72 or .79 versions.

ALWAYS check the MD5 before flashing.


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