These are the Radio files for the Incredible. The Radio is one of the few areas where your phone can become seriously bricked. Please be careful and check the MD5 before flashing.

HTC Stock Radios: (Eclair) MD5: 954D0D2D93236146AA6D5537626535E6  (Froyo) MD5: AF6E0A2E00B74C71E90C3E17AAD7FFC5 (Gingerbread) MD5: 7A1B3656EC24CD0C0BC45EAF3054ED00

EVO Radios          MD5: 98E2B2F36140D75BD4D0FEDC7BA514B8          MD5: E559DB670E8C520B871E9A658F5ACBB9          MD5: 6609C2D7CF0420AC23DA7554A3C5B575

Always check the MD5 before flashing.